Lonjin green tea

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loose leaf tea


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    Treat yourself to this rare blend with the feel of vast green meadows in a cup. it has a clean, fresh taste and unique needle-like shape - limited edition in the true sense!

    Health Benefits: The green tea, being a rich source of antioxidants, fights against the damages caused by free radicals. It helps to reduce the risk of heart disease by reducing inflammation and improving the blood flow. It also minimizes the risk of developing certain types of cancer. It improves metabolism, helps in weight loss and also improves concentration and alertness.

    Flavour Notes: Herbaceous, Fresh Grass

    Green Tea

    3 min

    Brewing Instructions

    anytime tea

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    15 gms loose leaf tea box longjin green tea
    hand stirring tea in two pitchers with sya teas loose leaf tea box
    15 gms loose leaf tea box longjin tea
    tea cup beside a page of book and flowers on it
    three elderly women sitting around a table drinking tea
    man and woman drinking tea on a boat
    hand holding glass of tea with dried leaves in it
    Lonjin green tea