we are sy'a

sy'a is the arabic word for plenty/plentiful. sy'a is 'beyond indulgence'. this underlines our brand promise of going beyond the usual boundaries of indulgence. it is a promise of luxury that is limitless, beyond horizons and for eternity.

Premium Herbal Infusion

premium herbal infusions are expertly crafted with delicate flowers, fragrant spices and soothing herbs that come together harmoniously in various unique concoctions. our premium herbal infusions not only tantalize your taste buds but also provide...

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about sy’a blends

we are in the business of delivering the most indulgent experience ever. we want to delight and nourish your mind, heart and soul.

we do this through the best handcrafted teas and tea-based beverages from across the world.

we do this by delivering a luxurious experience.

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indulging businesses of luxury

if you are in the business of luxury, we want to indulge you! we actually want to go beyond indulgence and be your beverage partners. we promise to set the standard of delight for your customers when it comes to luxury teas and tea-based beverages.

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the luxury of gifting. and gifting luxury!

blessed are those who can gift. and businesses are no different. we believe that whether you are a b2b or a b2c business, you are ultimately a p2p i.e. people to people business, and everyone loves gifts :)

establish relationships, brands and goodwill with our luxury gifting options. let us spread the 'beyond induldgence' vibe across the planet.

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ramadan reviews: sip, savor & share!

From the moment I took my first sip, I knew I had found something special. The lightness of the tea is unparalleled, making it the perfect choice for both my fitness and skincare routine

Mitun Dietician and nutritionist

I can confidently say that sy'a Teas has become an indispensable part of my daily routine, and I eagerly anticipate trying more of their exquisite blends in the future. If you're searching for a luxury tea brand that delivers both flavour and benefits, look no further than Sy'a Teas. You won't be disappointed!

Harleen Kaur Founder, Carol Jewels

I love my tea! I drink up to 4-6 cups a day of either black or green tea (without milk and sugar). Don’t say I recommend it but the caffeine hit can be too strong. This is where I found the white tea from sy’a a refreshing solution. I tried their silver lining blend and it felt so much lighter on the stomach and the aroma was a bonus! PS it also looks really pretty.
Recommend it if you want to have that cup and control the caffeine levels too!

Nikita Phulwani Founder, By Niggi 

sy'a Teas has made gifting an absolute delight with their stunning sets for every occasion. Especially the majestic kahwa, which adds to both tradition and luxury, I couldn't be more thrilled with the exquisite selection they offer.

Diksha Founder, Tilla e Noor

The elegant packaging and impeccable quality only add to the experience, making this set a true indulgence for the senses. I ordered one solo solace set for myself and I have been in love with it since.

Haifa Zakaria Founder, Haifa Clothing

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