Apple spice tea

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loose leaf tea


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    Do you love a little mystery and spice in your otherwise calm surroundings? if you do, then this is the blend for you. a mellow green tea with a spicy fragrance and a hint of fruit. A world of good health, great taste and boundless goodness in a cup.

    Health Benefits

    The Green tea, infused with the goodness of natural cinnamon bark and flavourful apple extract is a perfect beverage with lots of health benefits. It has oils that are a rich and potent source of antioxidants. It decreases inflammation, reduces blood sugar, decreases bad cholesterol, fights infections and stimulates the immune system. It supports healthy digestion, boosts metabolism and helps in weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise. It also improves memory, mental alertness and focus.

    Flavour notes

    Fruity, Mildly Spiced


    Green Tea, Natural Cinnamon Barks and Apple Extract

    3 min

    Brewing Instructions

    anytime tea

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    30 grams loose leaf tea box  cinnamon tea
    30 gm loose leaf tea box of cinnamon tea and two tea cups
    hand holding tea cup with heart inside it and a book
    30 gm loose leaf tea box of cinnamon tea with christmas background
    hand holding tea kettle pouring tea in a cup
    green tea cup with cinnamon sticks and lemon
    gold tea cup and saucer set on golden sheet
    hand holding tea cup with dried flowers in the tea
    Apple spice tea
    Apple spice tea
    Apple spice tea