tea artistry unveiled: tea shooter mousse with mint tea streusel and strawberry tea gel

tea artistry unveiled: tea shooter mousse with mint tea streusel and strawberry tea gel

in the heart of ramadan's spirit, we invite you to indulge and elevate your experience with the artistry of tea-infused desserts. rooted in luxury, quality, and tradition, sy'a presents a delightful recipe tailored for the festivities – tea mousse with mint tea streusel and strawberry tea gel.


  • tea mousse
  1. 150g cream
  2. 14g sy'a Silver Lining Tea
  3. 40g sugar
  4. 6g gelatin, melted
  5. 200g cream, whipped to soft peaks
  • mint tea streusel
  1. 190g butter
  2. 3g salt
  3. 40g eggs
  4. 100g icing sugar
  5. 250g cake flour
  6. 8g twilight mint tea
  7. 80ml tea infused cream
  • strawberry and tea gel
  1. 20g Sy'a Silver Lining Tea
  2. 500g Strawberries, frozen
  3. 100ml Water
  4. 6g Agar Agar
  5. 30g Sugar

steps to make:

  • tea mousse
  1. heat cream and infuse it with the delicate notes of sy'a's silver lining tea.
  2. let it steep, strain, and mix with sugar and melted gelatin.
  3. whip cream to soft peaks and fold it into the tea-infused mixture.
  4. chill until set.
  • mint tea streusel
  1. combine butter, salt, eggs, icing sugar, cake flour, and the aromatic twilight mint tea.
  2. freeze the mixture, then crumble for a delightful streusel.
  • strawberry and tea gel
  1. infuse sy'a's silver lining tea in water, add agar agar and sugar. strain and let it set.
  2. blend the set jelly with frozen strawberries for a luscious, fruity gel.
  • indulge in the artistry
  1. spoon the tea mousse into individual servings, creating a velvety base for the ensemble.
  2. sprinkle the mint tea streusel generously for a contrasting texture and flavor.
  3. drizzle the strawberry tea gel over the top, creating a burst of sweetness.

sy'a invites you to transform your feasts into a realm of indulgence with this tea-inspired dessert trio. let every bite be a celebration of flavor, elegance, and the spirit of ramadan.

ramadan kareem!