sipping royalty: purple sapphire iced tea

sipping royalty: purple sapphire iced tea

as the holy month of ramadan graces us with its presence, sy'a brings you an exquisite tea recipe that will add a touch of luxury to your feasts and gatherings. sy'a's purple sapphire iced tea is not just a beverage; it's a culinary jewel. it's delicate and unique flavors mirror the richness of the season, creating moments of delight and connection.


  1. 1 tsp crimson paradise tea
  2. 2 tsp herbal purple tea
  3. 600 ml water
  4. 100 ml pineapple juice
  5. honey

steps to make:

  • brewing elegance
  1. begin by adding 1 tsp of crimson paradise tea and 2 tsp of herbal purple tea to your teapot or heat-proof jug.
  2. pour 600 ml of freshly boiled water over the tea leaves.
  3. allow it to brew for 5-8 minutes, adjusting the time based on your desired strength.
  • strain and infuse
  1. strain off the tea, ensuring a smooth and clear base for your purple sapphire iced tea.
  2. add 100 ml of pineapple juice through a strainer to remove any pulp, providing a glassy, gem-like appearance.
  • sweet symphony
  1. tailor the sweetness to your liking by adding more pineapple juice for a dominant pineapple taste.
  2. alternatively, enhance the sweetness with agave nectar or a vegan honey alternative, adjusting to taste.
  • chill and garnish:
  1. allow the tea to cool before bottling it up.
  2. chill in the fridge and serve with ice for a refreshing treat.
  3. optionally, garnish your purple sapphire iced tea with pineapple for an extra touch of elegance.

with sy'a, the world of luxury teas is at your fingertips, and our purple sapphire iced tea is a testament to our dedication to providing you with an unparalleled tea experience.

ramadan kareem – may your month be filled with blessings, joy, and the exquisite taste of sy'a's teas.