first flush - the champagne of teas

first flush - the champagne of teas

in a sea of choices, did you ever pause to wonder about the countless types and classifications of tea?

tea is not just a beverage but an exquisite journey – a journey that begins with understanding the essence of tea lingo.

one key aspect that distinguishes teas is the "flush"the season when tea leaves are harvested. the same tea plant, through different seasons, crafts a spectrum of flavours and aromas.

first flush (spring flush)

it is the very first harvest of a tea plant when the leaves are more delicate and tender. the brand new “two leaves and a bud” combo are picked in the earliest spring growth of the plant, as early as february and often lasting through april. the first flush teas are considered to be of the highest quality and are power packed with antioxidants. more light, delicate, floral, fresh, and astringent, it retains maximum flavor through minimal oxidation. as a result, it appears more greenish in colour. the first flush tea results is a clear, bright brew with a light yellow to copper hue.

second flush

the leaves are larger, more mature and fast-growing during this period resulting in a stronger yet smoother flavor. the large leaves with purplish hue and leaf buds are picked as early as april and and often lasting through may or june. the tea is known for its full-bodied, distinct muscatel, and fruity flavor. the final brew is more bold in flavor with a dark amber hue.

monsoon flush

the monsoon flush runs from june or july lasting through october, offering a robust flavor and bold colour. the large leaves brew into a strong cup, less complex than earlier flushes. perfect for iced tea and commercial tea bags, it brings a hearty, straightforward taste to your cup.

autumnal flush

happening in october and november, this harvest yields a tea with a rich copper-coloured liquor. the flavor profile is a delightful mix of richness, fullness, nuttiness, and smoothness. as the tea plant slows its growth, it squeezes out the last offerings before winter dormancy.

winter flush 

happening from december to january, the winter flush is extremely rare as the tea plants go dormant in severe winter.

embrace the exquisite

after decoding the magic behind tea flushes, let’s focus on the crown jewel, the spring or first flush. often referred to as the "champagne of teas”, first flush is prized, exclusive, and a favourite among tea connoisseurs. they are not just teas; they are a premium investment.

elevate your tea experience

in your tea journey, let the flush be your guide – a seasonal signature influencing the symphony in your teacup. sy'a invites you to become a tea epicure, exploring the world of handcrafted first flush teas, where excellence meets every drop, and the ordinary transforms into extraordinary. it's not just about tea; it's about a sensory journey and a celebration of flavours. join us in savouring the elegance of first flush – where each sip is a symphony, and tea becomes an art form.